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¿Salimos a cenar?

Esta vez queremos compartir con vosotros frases que os serán de mucha ayuda cuando vayáis a ir a algún restaurante en el extranjero.



¿Cómo reservo por teléfono?

Customer: Good afternoon, I’d like to book a table for this evening at 8:30 if possible.

Waiter: How many of you are there?

Customer: Just me, table for one please.

Waiter: Under the name of?

Customer: It’s Mr Sufflebottom.

Waiter: Ok Sir, that’s all booked for you.


Cuando llegas al restaurante

Con reserva

Good evening, I have a reservation for two under the name of Margaret.

Hello, I’ve booked a table for 9:00 p.m under Mr Edwards.


Sin reserva:

Do you have a table for one by any chance?

Do you have any tables available for this evening?


Para beber quiero…

Could I have a beer please?

I think I’ll have the red wine.

Just water for me, please.

Si quieres pedir agua del grifo, puedes decir:

Could I have some tap water please?


 Para pedir comida

To start I’ll have the apple and cheese salad.

Could we get some guacamole to share?

I think I’ll go for the cod with chips.

For me the leek and potato soup.

And for the main course cod with tomato sauce and chips.


Despues de comer:

Te suelen preguntar: Can I get you anything else?

Te apetece un postre →  Could I have a look at the dessert menu please?

Si no te hace falta nada más → No, we’re fine thank you.

Solo la cuenta → Can I get the bill please?

Ha sobrado comida y quieres que te la pongan para llevar → Could you put this in a doggy bag for me please?


Practica con estas frases en tu próxima salida al extranjero ¡Seguro que después de esto no saldrás con hambre de ningún restaurante!

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